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24/02/2008 :
AGATHOCLES (Bel) Cabbalistic gnosticism Demo tape. Grind crust
CANNIBE (Gre)/ EGO DEATH (Gre) Split CDr. Gore death/ Noise indus
CIRCLE JERKS ( ?) Group sex tape. Punk
DEVASTATHOR (Cze) Metaloxetini grindoridum Demo CDr. Brutal death
FETID ZOMBIE (Usa) Pleasures of the scalpel CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
LE REVERS SANGLANT (Fra) Demo tape. Special packaging. Minimalist indus electro.
MERCYFUL FATE (Den) Nunes have no fun Tape. Heavy metal. Live 1982 + demos
NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Arts of tenebrous superstition Ep. Death black
¨PUS VOMIT (Philippines) Vomit the dead Demo CDr. Brutal death

Fanzine : ETERNAL FIRE (Fra) #4 : Mortem, Incrust, Saram, Dying embrace, Cacodaemon, Revenge, Kratornas, Deformity, Disforterror, Headhunter D.c., Mezzula, Duel, Tonyn destructor, Fastkill, Black angel, Krieg, Necropsia, Grenade, Morbid upheaval, Maar, Ironsword, Wytchkraft, Dominus xul, Exterminator, Thornafire, Torfrom, Embalmed, Ordealis recs, Vrykolakas, Sabbat, Yawar inti productions… 124 pages. A4. In english. 2007

Fanzine : TERVILLES (Fra) #1 : Amok, Victimizer, Mortifera, Witchburner, Bestial mockery + reviews… 28 pages. A5. In english. 2006.

17/02/2008 :
DARUIN (Jap)/ YINGFAN (Taiwan) split CDr. Experimental
DARUIN (Jap)/ FUNAMAN (Jap) split CDr. Experimental
DARUIN (Jap)/ PENYYNEP (Jap) Split CDr. Experimental
INFATUATION OF DEATH (Pol) Bestial devilized hell Demo CDr. Death metal
NASHGUL (Spa) Split domitcuatro Demo CDr. Grind
PUBIANUS (Bra) Violencia sonora Demo CDr. Death grind
SAGRAMON (Cze) The obsolescence of man Demo CDr. Ambiant drone
SAGRAMON (Cze) Rites of passages Demo CDr Drone indus ambiant

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