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ASCENDED (Fin) The art of necromancy Demo tape. Death metal
COPROMESIS (Usa) Muay thai lady boy CD. Brutal death/ Grind
DARK CELEBRATION (Bra) Phlegeton. The transcendence of demon lords CD. Death black
DEATHRONATION (Ger) A soil forsaken Demo CDr. Death metal
DEATHRONATION (Ger) A soil forsaken Demo Tape. Death metal
SIEGED MIND (Rus) Lost life in evidence Tape. Thrash death w melodic touches.
TORTURED BY TURTLES (Lithuania) Vilnius qui dort Demo CDr. Rock experimental ambiant
WAR SWALLOWED (Russia) Fantasy flight Tape. Technical death

Fanzine: CHAOS (Ger) #15: Sinister, Unanimated, Vacant coffin, Seance, Amon amarth, Evocation, Exmortem, Hate eternal, Machetazo, Resurrection, The ugly, Book of black earth, Vader, Behemoth, Paganizer, Demiurg, Putrevore... + reviews. 80 pages. A4. In english. 2009

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ABHORDIUM (Fin) Declaration of perdition MCD. Brutal death
COMMUNION (Chile) Demo 1. Demo tape. 80's Black thrash
DEAD CONGREGATION (Gre) Purifying consecrated ground Demo tape. Death metal/ Brutal death
DELVE (Swe) Sentenced by the unknown Demo tape. Death metal
DEVIANT (Swe) Tools of termination Tape. Death metal/ Brutal death
EXECRATION (Nor) Language of the dead MCD. Obscure Death metal w/ brutal touches
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) The hungry transplants Tape. Indus/ Dark electro/ Extreme metal
MOULDED FLESH (Pol) Death is redemption Tape. Death metal/ Brutal death
NECROSQUATCH (Usa) Necrosquatch Demo tape. Brutal death/ Grind
SANATORIO (Bra) Odio e caos aos inimigos do metal!!! Live tape. Death metal
VERMINOUS (Swe) Smell the birth of death MCD. Morbid Death metal
WITCHMASTER (Pol) No peace at all - Thrash or die! CD. Black/ Thrash metal
WORVHALLAG (Pol) Worvhallag Demo tape. Black metal
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Fanzines d'occasion/ 2nd hand zines:

LA LEGION UNDERGROUND (Fra) #2: Benighted, Osirion, Lost wisdom, Nuit noire, Antrum mortis, Lord deimos, Post mortem, Alcyon, Reason sleeps... + chroniques. 34 pages. A4. In french. 2004. 3 euros

NAJSWIETSZY NAPLETEK CHRYSTUSA (Pol) #4: Gilotyna, Aggressor, Convent, Bloody psycho, Smirnoff, Open fire, Lastwar, Silent tears, Hell-ias... 32 pages. A4. In polish. 2007. 2,5 euros

PAULOZINE (Fra) #3: Brown escape, Henry death... + chroniques. 12 pages. A5. In french. 0 euros.

SEPTIGORE (Usa) #1: Oxidised razor, Blue holocaust, Faeces eruption, Autophagia, Granulocytic blastoma, Gruesome toilet, Anuus altaar, Fantasmi di sodoma, Diseased maggotectomy... + Reviews. 34 pages. A4. In english. 2004. 3,5 euros

SEPTIGORE (Usa) #1: Devoured flesh regurgitation, Frightmare, Embryonic cryptopathia, I shit on your face, Anal probe android; Bowel fetus... + Reviews. 36 pages. A4. In english. 2004. 3,5 euros

SYMBOLIC (Fra) #A: Agathocles, Dungortheb, Benighted, Hill pain, Hinyouki, tartopoil, Recueil morbide, Gang, Atropos, Amanonn, Anal deformity... + Chroniques. 32 pages. A4. In french. 2004?. 3 euros

TOTAL DEATH (Pol) #3: Sardonicus, Empheris, Exiled, Gallileous... + reviews, live reports. 18 pages. A4. In polish. 2006 (?). 1,5 euros.

THRASH ATTACK (Ger) #1: Gama bomb, Sauron, Tankard, Nocturnal... + Reviews, articles. 40 pages. A5. In english. 2006. 3 euros.

VAGINALLUFTWAFFE (Pol) #1: Persecutor, Centurion, Pulmonary fibrosis, Necrocannibalistic vomitorium, Disdained, Buckshot facelift, Jan Chrzciciel... + Reviews. 36 pages. A5. In polish. 2009. 2,5 euros

CHAOTIC AEON (China) Demo tape. Death metal
EMBITTERED (Uk) Distorted emotions Demo tape'94. Death metal/ Techno death
INERTIAL MASS (spa) Guest for autopsy Demo tape'92. Death metal/ Brutal death
NECROCCULTUS (Mex) Encircling the mysterious necrorevelations Tape. Death metal
NECROHOLOCAUST (Bra) Insane devastation Demo CDr. Brutal death
NERLICH (Fin) Innards Demo tape. Death metal
RIDDLE OF MEANDER (Gre)/ SKAUR (Nor) Split CDr. Black metal
RIOTOR (Can) Fucking metal tape. Thrash metal with death and black influences
SLAPENDEHONDEN (Hol)/ WILLEM DAFOE (Can) Split CDr. Grind/ Technical grind
TALES OF DARKNORD (Russia) The last Tape 1998. Death metal

Fanzine: IRON HAMMER (Ger) #3: Death invoker, Sargatanas, Black serpent, Cultes des ghoules, Kathgor, Metal genocide, Children of technology... + reviews, live reports... 68 pages. A5. In english. 2009

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BORGIA (Fra) Et ibi fundo... Tape. Black metal
DEGIAL (Swe) Awakening from darkness Demo tape. Death metal
EKRON CULT (Paraguay) 7 beasts 7 sins Demo tape. Death metal w black influences
FORNACE (Ita) The awakening Demo tape. Death thrash black
INCANTATION (Usa) Blasphemous cremation CD. Death metal
NECROVORE (Usa) Unreleased evil CD. Death metal
PERVERTUM OBSCURUM (Australia)/ NADIMAC (Serbia) Split tape. Death metal/ Thrash
SORCERY (Swe) Bloodchilling tales CD. Death metal
TNPAH (Russia) Demohnr Tape. Thrash metal

Fanzine: CUNT PASTE (Uk) #3: Bastard priest, Tribulation, Karnarium, Bloody sign, Profaner, Nocturnal evil, Slaughtbbath, Salute, Unholy crucifix, Scythian... + Reviews, live report... 76 pages. A5. In english. 2009.

Fanzine: SERPENTSCOPE (Fin): Invidious, Hooded menace, Teitan blood, Autopsy, Diocletian, Daniel Ekeroth, Rippikoulu, Sepulchral aura, Grave miasma, Embrace of thorns, Cauldron black ram, Portal... 44 pages. A4. In english. 2009.

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