Complete distro list

IIIRD SOVEREIGN (India) Destined to suffer CD. Death metal/ Brutal death. A rising hope for India.
ANGKOR (Argentina) Infectus I.N.R.I CD. Black metal the melodic way (Early Cradle of F…)
APHELION(Ger)/ DISMAL(Ger) Split CD. Old styled Death metal. Members of DEPRESSION (Ger)
ASTRA POLARIS (Rus)/ MOLOCH (Ukr) Split CD. Dark ambiant… Same Moloch who does uber noise, but this is keyboard time.
ATOMIZER (Australia) Songs of slaughter – Songs of sacrifice CD. Thrash black the energetic way!
AUTOPSY (Usa) Dead as fuck CD. Old school Death metal (2 live recordings from the golden era)
BARBARITY (Rus) Hell is here CD. Death metal with brutal approach
BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore) Webbed in living hell CD. Death thrash w/ techno thrash influences
BLOODBOIL (Hol) Festering fornication CD. Brutal death
CAKEWET (Fra)/ YATTAI (Fra) Split CD. Grind. Dvd box
CAUSTIC (Spa) The horror cult CD’06. Brutal death… Member of FERMENTO, DETESTOR…
CEMETERY (Indonesia) Detriment image CD. Brutal death
CEMETERY URN (Australia) Urn of blood CD. Old school and brutal Death metal (Members of Bestial warlust, Abominator…)
CEPHALOTRIPSY (Usa) Uterovaginal insertion of extirpated anomalies CD. Brutal death. Members of CONDEMNED, VIRAL LOAD.
CROWBAR (Usa) Past and present CD. Doomcore
CRUEL EXPERIENCE (Ger) Suffocated in emotions CD. Death metal/ Blasting death
CRYPTICUS (Usa) Dedicated to the impure CD. Death metal the old way
DEMONIC RESSURECTION (India)/ DUSK (India/ SEVERE DEMENTIA (India) Split CD. Black/ Doom/ Death
DEVIANT (Swe) Larvaeon CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
DIABOLICAL DOMINATION (Jap) South was sorrow… CD’00. Death/ Black
DISINTER (Peru) Hell gate CD. Death metal
DROWNED IN BLOOD (Mex) The warfare continues CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
EMETH (Bel)/ ETERNAL BLEEDING (Slo) Split CD. Brutal death
EMPHERIS (Pol) A tribute to black desires CD. Black metal. Member of Hellish, Valpurgia, Morysian.
ESB (Fra)/ THE FANTASTIKOL HOLE (Fra) Split CD Grind chaotique
EVIL INCARNATE (Usa) Waiting for his return CD. Death metal. Covers of SLAYER and DESTRUCTION.
EXACTLY VIOLENT STYLE (Jap) The devastators from the black continent CD. Grind Hc chaotique
EXQUISITE PUS (Spa)/ CARRIONED (spa)/ CONFINED (Spa) split CD. Brutal death
FATAL INJURY (Spa) Fatal injury CD. Thrash metal
FLAGELADOR (Bra) A noite do ceifador CD. Thrash speed old school
FLESHGRINDER (Bra) Coroner’s inquest suit CD. Grind gore
FROM BEYOND (Cze) Sounds of the grave CD. Doomy Death metal
GERBOPHILIA (Swi) Militeratogene CD. Grind. Member of CAKEWET
GHOUL (Usa) Splatterthrash CD. Death metal/ Thrash metal
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Uczulony CD. Indus metal/ Electro noise.
GLEARGH (Ita)/ RISING TERROR (Fra)/ LARDON (Fra) Split CD. Grindcore
GLUT! (Spa) Origen da tragedia CD. Blasting Brutal death. Member of DEMENTED.
GOAT BLEEDER (Usa) Legions of perdition CD. Death metal/ Grind
GOREGAST (Ger) Viva el animal CD. Death grind
GORGUTS (Can) Live in rotterdam CD. Death metal (Recorded in Europe after the second album…Some kind of official bootleg)
GRINDMINDED (Hol) 9 mm facial CD. Grind
GUT (Ger) The singles collection CD. Goregrind… A collection of putrid pieces… Much better than the last crappy « album ».
GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT (Usa) The slow decay of infected flesh CD. Brutal death. Members of HEMATURIA, SIKFUK
HAEMORRHAGE (Spa) Apology for pathology CD. Grind gore
HELL-BORN (Pol) Legacy of the nephilim CD. Death metal. Ex members of DAMNATION, BEHEMOTH…
HELLISH (Pol) Bestial wrath CD. Black metal
HOLY SHIT B.S.E (Col) Fetish coprological trauma CD. Death grind with ex PURULENT & AMPUTATED GENITALS…
HUTT (Bra)/ NOISEAR (Cze)/ GATE (Jap) Split CD. Grind
INGROWING (Slo) Cloned & enforced CD Grind.
KAIZEN (Fra) Clear the path CD. Deathcore/ Power *** 5 euros ***
KARNARIUM (Swe) Tänk pa döden CD. Death metal
KRUAGRE (Bel) 750cc export fear CD. Grind
LOSNA (Bra) Wild hallucinations CD. Death thrash *** 6 euros ***
MALIGNANT TUMOUR (Cze)/ SQUASH BOWELS (Pol) Split CD. Gore grind the disjoncted way !
MANIAC (Fra) From suffering CD… Death metal/ Brutal death
MASSIVE CHARGE (Fra) Silence CD. Grindcore
MENTAL APRAXIA (Col) Clinical hypocritical existence CD. Brutal death
MODER (Ger) Ewiger Tod CD. Death metal
MORTIFILIA (Cze) Redemption CD. Death mélodique
MOULDED FLESH (Pol) In the hands of evil CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
NAMELESS (Por) The overcome of the portuguese bastards CD’96. Thrash metal
NAUSEOUS SURGERY (Bra) Immortal warriors CD. Death metal
NERVE (Thailand) Blackened chpt.1 CD. Metal indus the old way (Ministry, Nin…)
NOISECORE FREAK (Can) Corner itch theory CD. Grind/ Noisecore
NOMAD (Pol) The independence of observation choice CD. Death metal. Members of Devilyn, Soul devourer, Behemoth…
NOMENMORTIS (Cze) How I learn to bleed… For the things I wish to forget CD’99. Blasting death
NOTHINGNESS (Mex) Among the nebula CD. Death metal
NOT! (Cze)/ FSFI (Cze) Split CD. Grind with HC punk touches
NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa) Fuck the god in heaven. CD découpé (4 titres). Death thrash
OPHIOLATRY (Bra)/ INFERNAL DOMINION(Usa) Split CD. Blasting Brutal death
PANDEMIA (Cze) Riven CD. Death metal
PATHOLOGY (Usa) Surgically hacked CD. Brutal death. Members of Parasitic, Cattle Decapitation, Sabbatic feast, Disgorge…
PERVERSITY (Cze) Words like poison CD. Brutal death
PESSIMIST (Usa) Blood for the gods CD. Death metal. Members of FLESHTIZED, DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST, EQUINOX.
PESSIMIST (Usa) Slaughtering the faithful CD. Death metal. Member of DIABOLIC, UNHOLY GHOST, EQUINOX.
PITCH BLACK (Por) Thrash killing machine CD. Thrash metal
PRO-PAIN (Usa) Pro-pain CD. Hardcore *** 6,5 euros ***
PURULENT INFECTION (Usa) Exhuming the putrescent CD. Brutal death/ Death metal
RE-CREATION (Usa) Re-creation CD. Death/ Thrash
REMORSE (Fra) Red CD. Hc Grind with technical touches…
REPUGNANT (Swe) Epitome of darkness CD. Death metal *** 9,5 euros ***
ROGER MOORE (Fra)/ HONK FOR MASS (Fra) Split CD. Underground grind to dig under the grounds :OP
ROTTEN COLD (Aus)/ HUMAN MASTICATION (Philippines) Split CD. Death grind/ Brutal death
ROTTING (Can) The forgotten CD. Death metal/ Brutal death. The 2 demos and other things
SEPTYCAL GORGE (Ita) Growing seeds of decay CD. Brutal death
SEVERANCE (Usa) Suffering in humanity CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
SKULL COLLECTOR (Bel) Depravity indulged through fresh corporal parts CD. Brutal death the underground way
SODOMIZER (Bra) Tales of the reaper CD. Black/ Heavy/ Thrash
SOILS OF FATE (Swe) Highest in the hierarchy of blasting sickness CD. Brutal death (Rerelease of 2 first demos + bonus songs)
SOLGRAV (Fin)/ F (Fin) Split CD. Black metal/ Obscure brutal death
SORDID (Swe) Armed to their grinding teeth CD. Brutal death. Member of EXHALE, MISERATION…
SPIRITUAL DECAY (Usa) Closer to the grave CD. Death metal
SQUASH BOWELS (Pol) No mercy CD. Grind
TERMINAL DESCENT (Usa) Host age to the devil CD. Quite technical Death metal… Sounds quite strange or « experimental » ?
TERROR SQUAD (Jap) The wild stream of eternal sin CD. Thrash metal with great heavy metal touches
THE BLACK CHAIN (Uk)/ NEXT ON THE LIST (Fra) Split CD. Modern grind
THE STONE (Serbia) Magla CD’06. Black metal. Ex STONE TO FLESH.
TORTURER (Chile) The flames of purification CD’03. Death metal
TU CARNE (Spa) Anthologia del horror extremo CD. Grind
UNORTHODOX (Usa) Balance of power CD’95. Heavy doom. Members of IRON MAN, PENTAGRAM, INDESTROY…
VEDONIST (Pol) Awaking to immortality CD. Death metal
VENEREAL DISEASE (Spa) Mondo macabro CD. Brutal death. NECROLUST and FORENSICK members.
VEXED (Ita)/ HATEWORK (Ita)/ HELLINACELL (Ita) ALEA JACTA (Ita) Split CD Thrash/ Death
WACO JESUS (Usa) Receptive when beaten CD. Brutal death grind
WASTEFORM (Usa) Crushing the reviled CD (Sevared/ ntey rerelease). Brutal death
WELKIN (Bel) Angel inside CD. Modern Brutal death
WORLD DOWNFALL (Ger) Last step before the fall CD. Death grind
ZONA NEGRA (Arg) Pos tu misma patria CD. Death thrash with power touches.

VA – TRIBUTE TO AS SAHAR. « Eastern bestiality, a salute to as sahar » : Mantak, Whispering amok, Ksk, Istidraj, Farasu, Banshee, Everlasting tales, Darkregime, Tyranny, Al azhazhil… Black metal

VA – TRIBUTE TO VENOM – GODS OF GOATS : Machetazo, Strmgewher666, Hangman, Empheris, Cremaster, Aquer, Bastard, Hekseri, Chaosphere, Frostmoon eclipse, Arminius, Mord’a stigmata, Turin turambar, Spinal chord, Cerebrum, Lux ferre. CD


CARNAL LEFTOVERS (Hol) Pressure pleasure MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death
CONDEMNED BY HATRED (Usa) Toolbag nation MCD. Grindcore/ Death grind the underground way
DR DOOM (Hol) Dr doom MCD. Grind. Great release!
INGENS (Fra) Adventus MCD. Black death with members of MISGIVINGS, INWARD, COMOS MUERTOS
LACERATER (Ita) Nessun urlo nell’ombra MCD. Death metal/ Blasting death
PSYGORIA (Fra) Sculptured by scars MCD. Death metal… Obscure and groovy.
TORN APART (Swe) Craving pale flesh MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death

ABANTESMA (Bra) The plague against them Demo CDr. Death metal
B.T.D (Pol) Prometheus Demo CDr. Blasting death/ black
BEYOND THE RAGE (Ita) Path to annihilation Demo CDr. Death thrash
CHAOS SYNOPSIS (Bra) Garden of forgotten shadows Demo CDr. Death thrash
CONEXAO PENTAGRAMA (Bra) Thirst of blood Demo CDr. Death metal
CONTORTION (Swe) Forever suffer Demo CDr. Death/ Brutal death. Changed name to VOLTURYON.
CRUEL EXPERIENCE (Ger) Eternal suffering Demo CDr. Death thrash
CRYPTHOLE (Fra) Human parricide Demo CDr. Death metal
CYNICISM (?) Cynicism Demo CDr. Death thrash, rather mid tempo
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Chile) Diabolical attack Demo CDr. Death black metal, old styled
DYSTOPIC (Chile) Chant of the reptile Demo CDr. Death metal
EMBRYOTOMY (Macedonia) Execution of fallacy Demo CDr. Death/ Brutal death
FORBIDDEN CULT (Fra) Demo CDr. Death metal. New cool band à la Immolation…
GORETEXX (Fin) Rotting Demo CDr’07. Death metal, between the old styled and blasting way
GRADUS PENTALPHAE (Bra)/ SOULLESS (Pol) Split CDr. Black metal/ Death metal
GRAVELESS (Bra) Demo CDr. Death metal
HEADLESS (Ita) Blood desire Demo CDr’06. Death metal/ Brutal death
HEADLESS (Ita) Son of failure Demo CDr'07. Death metal/ Brutal death
HUMAN END (Ger) Break the chains Demo CDr. Death thrash
IMMOLATED (Bra) Pleasures of flesh Demo CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death brasilian way
IMPUREZA (Fra)/ ARSONIST (Swe)/ SUDDEN DEATH (Ger)/ INGURGITATING OBLIVION (Ger) Split CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
INCINERADOR (Bra) Exterminando os ciclos da hipocrisia Demo CDr. Death metal
INFERNAL CONJURATION (Mex) Tremendous plague Demo CDr. Death metal
INSEMINATOR (Pol) Into rotten coma we drift Demo MCDr. Death metal. Members of TRAKTOR, MORD A STIGMATA.
LEPER MESSIAH (Bra) Horror shall come from the depths Demo CDr. Death metal w black touches
MASS OBLITERATION (Ita) Mass obliteration Demo CDr. Death metal
MEGAZETOR (Hun) The dug you daily crave Demo CDr. Technical/ modern death
MOLOCH (Usa) Burial grounds Demo CDr. Old death metal
MORTEM ANIMALUM (Switerzland) Le culte des animaux morts Demo CDr. Death/ black
MORTUARY ANCESTOR (Malaysia) The reincarnation Demo CDr. Death metal
OVEROTH (Uk) Death personified Demo CDr. Death metal
PREDATORY (Bra) Visions world apart Demo CDr. Death thrash with old school influences of heavy metal
SANATORIO (Bra)/ BLOOD VOMIT (Bra) Split CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
SEPTICEM (Mex) Dread to dominium Demo CDr. Death metal
SOULLESS (Pol) Peri psyches Demo CDr. (Brazilian rerelease). Death metal
STENCH OF VIRGINITY (Gre) Filled with my sickness Demo CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death. Members of PUTREFIED GENITALIA.
TENVAL (Fra) Tenval Demo CDr. Death metal w black metal influences
TEOFOBIA (Chile) 1994 – 2005 collection. CDr. Death metal w thrash and black influences… Members of AMMIT, SHEOLGEENNA…
VITAL DRAIN (Fra) Between life and death demo CDr. Death metal
VOMINATION (Swe) Yog sothoth Demo CDr. Death metal with brutal death and black influences
WITHDRAWN (Fra) Tear v2.0 Demo CDr. Death black

ABUSO VERBAL (Bra) Narco homicida… Piscotico alterado Demo CDr’07. Death grind
ABUSO VERBAL (Bra) Seu castigo … Ao vivo ! Demo CDr’05. Death grind
ANATOMY (Ita) Libido medico Demo CDr. Death grind style Exhumed/ Carcass. Ex ALLUCIUSPUSTUS.
APOSTLES OF PERVERSION (Spa) Intracranial hypertension Demo CDr. Brutal death
CONDEMNED (Uk) And that’s how I found them Demo CDr. Death grind
COPROSTASIS (Bul) 35 minutes of skull smash terror metal Demo CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
CUNT MAGGOTS (Rus) Welcome to karakaj - Have a nice grave Demo MCDr. Brutal death. Live recording, raw sound.
EMPTYDEMIC DEGREE (Fra) Demo CDr. Brutal death. Upcoming french brutal death à la DISGORGE(Us)!
FLACTOROPHIA (Ecuador) Redemption of the flesh Demo CDr. Brutal death/ Gore
GENITAL GRINDER (Ita) Promo 2002. CDr. Death grind
MOBILIZER (Indonesia) Kembali kepada tuhan Demo CDr'05. Brutal death
PUKELIZATION (Jap) Journey through grotesqueness Demo CDr. Brutal death/ Us vein. Last copy!
PUS VOMIT (Philippines) God help me raise the dead!! Demo CDr. Brutal death
SAVAGE ANNIHILATION (Fra) Death in progress Demo CDr. Brutal death. Last copy!
YDIN (Fin) Veritÿot Demo CDr’04. Obscure brutal death, with atmosfear and punch.

CATACUMBA (Bra) Impure live Demo CDr. Black metal blasting way. Decent live sound.
CUPOLA (Bul) Mistaken by design Demo CDr. Progressive Death black
GRADUS PENTALPHAE (Bra)/ SOULLESS (Pol) Split CDr. Black metal/ Death metal
HAEMOPHILIA (Swe) Haemophilia Demo CDr. Black metal. A neat demo. Changed name to ORCIVUS.
HELL TORMENT (Peru) Demo CDr. Satanic black death… Think about the impious atmosphere of Blasphemy for (s)exemple!
LASTIMA (Bra) En renego sua cruz Demo CDr. Black/ Death
NOCTURNO CULTO (Bra) A noite de sata.. Demo CDr. Black metal. Member of LORD BAPHOMET.
TEMPLE (Bra) Laudes del malpadado Demo CDr. Black metal/ Death

AGABUS (Ita) Last way keft Demo CDr. Post Thrash metal
BETRAYER (Col) Outburst Demo CDr. Old thrash metal
BREAKNECK (Bra) Breakneck Demo CDr. Thrash metal
CHAOS CREATION (Fin) Homicidal party time Demo CDr. Thrash metal with some TESTAMENT inside
CRUCIFIER (Gre) Cursed cross Demo CDr’06. Thrash metal
CRUCIFIER (Gre) Escape or die! Demo CDr’04. Thrash metal
DECEPTOR (Uk) Bound to the oath Demo CDr. Thrash metal
IMPERIALIST (Swe) Satanic utopia Demo CDr. Thrash metal with Death touches
MASSIVE POWER (Chile) Possessed by alcohol Demo CDr. Thrash metal the old way
NEFASTO (Chile) Explosion imminente Demo CDr Thrash crossover. Member of MANDINGAZO.
OPPRESSION (Swe) T.P.A.S Demo CDr. Thrash metal
STREET FORCE (Usa) Infinite battles Demo CDr. Thrash
WITCHCURSE (Gre) Heavy metal poison Demo CDr. 80’s Heavy metal

ABOSRANIE BOGOM/ DECAY Split CDr. Goregrind. Last copy!
CAUSE OF DIVORCE (Ger) Phobophobie Demo CDr. Grindcore
CRUEL EXECUTE (Ger) Demo CDr. Grind
DAILY LIFE SUCKS (Hun) The last six minutes of your life Demo CDr. Grind
DEVAST (Alger)/ HEMOGASTRIC (Fra)/ TORE TO PIECES (Spa)/ RECTALGRIND (Mex)/ VIOLADOR (Bra) Split CDr. Brutal death/ Goregrind
D.I.L.S (Fra) Hospital holocaust Demo CDr. Goregrind. Members of Vomit the soul and Violent solution webzine.
DEATH UNION LOCAL 107 (Usa) Black lightning Demo CDr. Grind noise black
DISINVOLVE (Usa) Creative and innovative ways to be a complete asshole Demo CDr. Grind
I SHIT IN YOUR FACE / WOUNDED BY LIFE (Bra) Split CDr. Grindgore/ Grind
INFINITE DOLORISM (Slo)/ LACTO VAGINAL (Pol) Split CDr. Goregrind/ Grind noise
INTESTINAL DISGORGE (Usa) / CORPSE CUM (Usa) Split CDr. Grind gore
MAGISTRAL FLATULENCE (Fra) Mini size maxi pleasure Demo MCDr. Goregrind/ brutal death. Project of SMYT Recs’ boss.
NEGATION (Malaysia) 10.0 richter scale Demo CDr. Grind
NEXT ON THE LIST (Fra) Demo CDr. Grind/ Death/ Hc. Members of Zubrowska, Infestation…
SMALLPOX AROMA (Thai) / SATSUGAI (Fra) Split CDr. Grind gore
THE KILL (Aus) Untitled Demo CDr’00. Grindcore. Blast as fuck!
TURPEDO (Usa)/ SEPTIC MUTATION (Usa) Split CDr. Grind gore
VACANT COFFIN (Fin) The thrash supper Demo CDr. Grindcore/ Death metal. Members of PHLEGETHON
VISCERANALSPERMATORGIASTICPUS (Ita) Diva futura grind Demo CDr. Grindgore

AUDIOCUM (Fra) Audiocum sucks Demo CDr. DVD Box. Harsh noise. BBBBBbbrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr. Australian import!
BERTANDUK (Indonesie)/ KALIMAYAT (Indonesie) Split CDr. Noise. Not the most destructive, but quite noisy.
BONE MACHINE (Ger) Monolog & Rythmus Demo CDr. DVD Box. Repetitive ambiant/ industrial
CARNAL (Pol) Curse this day Demo CDr. Doom death atmosphérique… Like very old Moonspell?
COMFORTER (Rus) Faustrecht Demo CDr. Noise
CYBER_CHRIST (Rus) Virtual_mastrubation Demo CDr. Ambiant experimental
DESOLATE HORIZON (Usa) All things coverd in dirt Demo CDr. Dark ambiant
DONYS MOKUALG/ SUBSTITUTION PRODUCT/ KATAPLASM Split CDr. Cyber death noisecore/ Harsh noise/ Cut up noisecore
DYSKINESIA (Ita) Live in prypiat Demo CDr. Doom sludge
EARHATE (Usa) Destroyer Demo CDr. Noise
EBOLA HOLOCAUST – Demo CDr (2x CD). Harsh noise
EGO DEATH (Spa)/ NAPALMED (Cze) Split CDr. Indus noise
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Ogre Demo CDr’07. Indus metal/ Electro noise
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra)/ THE PROCESSUS (Fra) Split CDr’06. Indus brutal death/ Black indus noise
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Uczulony Demo CDr’06. Indus/ Noise electronic/ metal
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Hydrocepalizer Demo CDr. Indus/ Noise indus
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Obsessism XXIII Demo CDr’05. Indus/ electronic/ metal/ noise
KATAPLASM (Fra) Maxxximized centrifuse blower Demo CDr. Cyber grind/ Noisecore… Cut up cut up…
KENJI SIRATORI (Jap) Survival mind demo CDr. Dark ambiant/ noise… For your ritual matters…
KPACHbIN APAKOH (Rus) Moderator Demo CDr. Trip hop/ ambiant/ experimental
KRUFT! (?) A brief history of dentistry Demo CDr. Ambiant/ Electronica/ Jungle
MENTAL HYGIENE TERRORISM ORCHESTRA (Fra) Path of dignity… Demo CDr. Noise/ crazy rock jazz à la Naked city
MERANKORII (Por) Melencolia iii Demo CDr. Ambiant
MORIARTY (Fra) Equation of madness Demo CDr. Dark ambiant/ Electro
MOURMANSK 150 (Fra) Prologue to a civil war Demo CDr. DVD BOX. Noise indus. Australian import!
MUTANT APE (Uk) A fine memento Demo CDr. DVD case. Noise
N (Ita) City of the broken wheelchairs Demo CDr. Ambiant indus experimental
NAPALMED (Cze) Mixes II + III CDr. Indus/ electro
NAPALMED (Cze) Moozazoom Demo CDr indus experimental
NOISEWERRRRK (Ger) Amok Demo MCdr. Noise
OVERHAUL IN DAMNATION (?)/ KENJI SIRATORI (Jap) Split CDr. Dark ambiant/ Noise ambiant
PRODVKT (Ita) Test report about activities of corrupted minds. Demo CDr. DVD box packaging with gloves & razors. . Dark ambiant.
PYOGENIC (?)/ SWAMP UP NOSTRILS (Fin) Split CDr. Ambiant
SICNOISE ( ?) No longer human Demo CDr. Electro/ Indus/ Experimental
STIGMA DIABOLICUM (Fra)/ GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Split CDr. Macabre ambiant Indus
STIGMA DIABOLICUM (Fra) « II » Demo CDr. Dark ambiant (Smell the stench rerelease)
VULGAR NAUSEA (Fra)/ MORGANE DESBEET (Fra) Split CDr. Noisecore/ Kitchen computer noise
ZABB (Tur) Zaar Demo MCDr. Ambiant. Sub project of ASSASSINATION, ABORDA…

ALIOTH (Usa) chanelling unclean spirits Demo tape. Death metal atmospheric
AMOK (Nor)/ AUDIOPAIN (Nor) Split tape. Death metal/ Thrash metal
ASKALON (Pol) Armageddon Demo tape’99. Death metal
BEYOND DEATH (Bol) Mas alla de la muerte Demo tape’01. Old styled Death metal with black touches, mid tempo
DEGIAL (Swe) Awakening from darkness Demo tape. Old styled Death metal, 90’s Swedish style!
DELVE (Swe) Sentenced by the unknown Demo tape. Old school Death metal (Pre Verminous), promising.
DEMONIC RAGE (Chile)/ EXCORIATE (Chile) Split tape. Old school Death metal. Cool upcoming bands!
DEVIANT (Swe) Tools of termination Demo tape. Brutal death between the old styled and fresh « modern »
DIFUNTER (Bolivie) Amo de sombra nocturna Demo tape. Death metal/ Brutal death… Old way
DIZODERZ (Cze) Fatal variations Demo tape. Death thrash
EBOLA (Pol) Suffor for nazarene Demo tape. Death metal, deep underground stuff. Members of BLOODTHIRST, GOATLORD…
EJECUTOR (Chile) 4 Vientos de ejecution Demo tape. Fast Death metal
EMBALMED SOULS (Bra) Become vengeance, become wrath Demo tape. Death metal
EXPOSE YOUR HATE (Bra) In god we crush Demo tape. Death metal. Memberss of SANCITIFER, INSANE DEATH…
HALOMACHINE (Usa) Fighting the battle Demo tape. Death thrash
HATE (Pol) Abbhorence Tape. 1992 Death metal
HATE (Pol) Victims/ Daemon qui fecit terram Tape Lp. Death metal
HAVOC (Bra) The ostentation of the eternal chaos Demo tape. Death metal
IMPUREZA (Fra) Inquisition demos. Tape. Death metal (Contains the 3 demos)
INSISION (Swe) Entangled in thorns Demo tape. Brutal death. Réédition thaïlandaise de la démo 2001
KARYBDIS (Swe) Devoured by the depths Demo tape. Old styled Death metal
KATALYSATOR (Swe) Mass genocide ritual Demo tape. Old school Death metal. Now called INVIDIOUS
MORBID UPHEAVAL (Ita)/ CAPRA HIRCUS (Usa) Split tape. Old Death metal/ Bestial black death.
NUN SLAUGHTER (Usa)/ THE SPAWN OF SATAN split tape. Live. Old Death metal
PEK (Bel) Vomit upon the priest Demo tape. Satanic Death metal
PENTACLE (Hol) Rides of the moonstorm Tape. Death metal with a cool Celtic Frost vibe!
PURGE (Fra) Symbols of disgrace Demo tape. Death metal
ROTTING BLOOD (Col) Que el metal vuelva al infierno Demo tape. Death thrash, deep underground stuff
SARAM (Peru) Metal mayhem genocide Demo tape. Death black!
SATHANAS (Usa) Flesh for the devil. Tape. Death metal. Japanese rerelease.
SLUGATHOR (Fin) Circle of Death Tape. Death metal between the fast and old school, with epic riffs à la Bolt thrower
XENOFOBIA (Bolivia) Demo tape. Death metal

ANGEL'S DECAY (Slovakie) Odiumspace Tape rerelease. Death brutal.
APOPLEXY (Usa) Dead in long beach Tape. Brutal death
AVULSED (Spa) Yearning for the grotesque Tape rerelease'02. Brutal death
BLASPHEMOUS (Indonesia) Burned in hell Demo tape. Old school brutal death, for fans of early Broken hope, early Pyrexia…
CHAINSAW DISSECTION (Usa)/ SPLATTERED ENTRAILS (Usa) Split tape. Brutal death gore
CRITICAL MASS (Fra) Demo tape’01. Death grind
DESPISE (Cze)/ IMPERIAL FOETICIDE (Cze) Split tape. Brutal death
DISFORTERROR (Bra) Unholy attack of malefic kreation... Satan's march Demo tape'04. Satanic Brutal death, the braziway
DISFORTERROR (Bra) The triumphant way of the gods war Demo tape'99. Satanic Brutal death, the braziway
DISGORGE (Mex) Necrholocaust Tape Lp. Brutal death gore and disgusted... Bowels!
DOOM SYNDICATE (Usa) Fearless in the face of death Demo tape. Death thrash with an old school brutal death side
ERYTROSY (Slo) Delight Tape Lp'01. Brutal death
FEASTING BLOOD (Ger) Deathfucked and murdered world Demo tape’01. Death grind
HORROR BLAST (Bra) Grotesque murder essence Demo tape’05. Death grind
HORROR BLAST (Bra) Cranial deformity Demo tape’02. Death grind
MANGLER (Rus) Are you ready for something like that? Demo tape’01. Brutal death. Members of THRON & Hatework.
MORTEM (Rus) Filicide Tape. Brutal death à la old Cannibal corpse (It’s the same band that was released on Warpath recs…)
NECROSIS (Col) Probando sonido en compania de asquerosos cadaveres Demo tape’06. Death metal/ Brutal death, underground.
NECROSIS (Col) Brutal tortura Demo tape’05. Death metal/ Brutal death, underground stuff.
NOSFERATOS (Rus) Ventum inferum de tenebrae… Demo tape’98. Death metal/ Brutal death
RAPTURE CHRIST (Usa) Molesting the entrails of the disemboweled Tape. Us Brutal death grind with raw punch
ROTTEN MINDS (Swe) Living nightmare Demo Tape. Death metal. DAMNATION ARMY Subproject.
SORCERY (Argentina) When evil rules Demo tape’01. Brutal death
TERRORIFIC MORBUS (Ecuador) Necrofelacion Demo tape. Brutal death/ death
VRYKOLAKAS (Singapore) Buried in filthy vomits Demo tape’00. Brutal death

ADUMUS (Usa) Infinite blattles for immortality/ Besieging abominations Tape 2000. Black metal
ATOMICIDE (Chile) Crushing son of a bitch Demo tape. Black death
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Can) Demo tape. Black metal… Well done, nice stuff. Ex members of WEAPON!
FRONT BEAST (Ger) Black spells of the damned Demo tape. Black/ Heavy (NOCTURNAL subproject)
INSANE VESPER (Fra)/ ISTIDRAJ (Singapore)/ IRON FIST (Singapore) Split tape. Black metal
ISTIDRAJ (Sin) Blasphemous ritual Demo tape. Black metal
KORIHOR (Phi)/ ABIGAIL (Jap) split tape. Black death/ Black thrash
LORD FOUL (Bra) Marchando sove a profana sinfoma de guerra Demo tape. Black metal
MORBID UPHEAVAL (Ita)/ CAPRA HIRCUS (Usa) Split tape. Death metal/ Bestial black death.
OLD PAGAN (Ger) The sign of the battle dragon Demo tape. Black metal the raw way. Members of PAGAN WINTER, STAUB…
OLD WAINDS (Russia) Scalding coldness Tape. Black metal with a sense of melancholy. Members of NAV.
PYRE (Usa) Totalitarian Demo tape. Blasting Black/ Death with memebr of OBEISANCE. Not bad!
ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra)/ TERRORAZOR (Ger) Split tape. Black metal/ Death grind
ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra) #3 Demo tape. Raw black the underground vomited way
ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra)/ VERATYR (Fra) Split tape. Raw black… Improvised vomited black shit.

AKRAMEN (Chile) Esclavos del nuevo orden Demo tape. Thrash metal with energy.
ALCOHOLOCAUST (Por) Ensaio do diablo Demo tape. Thrash metal. Members of INFERNÜS, INNER HELVETE…
AMOK (Nor)/ AUDIOPAIN (Nor) Split tape. Death metal/ Thrash metal
CAUSTIC STRIKE (Swe) Straight down the drain Demo tape. Thrash metal! (Corrupt/ Enforcer subproject!)
CONJURATION (Fin) Demo 1 tape. Heavy/ Doom. Members of INCRIMINATED, NAILGUNNER…
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Barbaric onslaught Demo #1 tape. Old school thrash *** 2,50 euros ***
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Savage poser hunt Demo #2 tape. Old school thrash *** 2,50 euros ***
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Wrath of the antichrist Demo #3. Tape. Old school thrash *** 2,50 euros ***
DECIMATOR (Bra) Live in studio. Promo 2003. Tape. Thrash metal with death and old school influences.
DISASTER (Chile) Desquiciado Demo tape. Thrash metal
FARSCAPE (Bra) Doctrine sickness Demo tape’01. Energetic Thrash metal like early KREATOR.
FARSCAPE (Brésil) Demon's massacre Tape Lp. Thrash old school like early KREATOR (Rerelease of the 1st CD)
HATRED (Ita) Hatred Demo tape. Thrash metal
LEGACY (Col) Ready for the combat Demo tape. Thrash speed
LUPULO (Spa) Kuero, sangre, sudor y alkohol Demo tape. Thrash metal
NOCTURNAL (Ger) Thrash with the devil Demo tape. Thrash metal à la old Destruction (1st Lp), their best recording IMO.
NOCTURNAL FEAR (Usa) Pagan rites Tape (Demo’01 + live). Thrash/ Death… Sounds cool.
PAGAN FIRE (Philippines)/ BEAST PETRIFY (Singapore) Split tape. Thrash/ Thrash death
SACRIFICER (Chile) Live fucking shit ! Metal attack fuck the rest !!! Demo tape. Thrash metal
SAURON (Usa) Thrash assault Demo tape. Thrash metal… Old styled but not retro. Members of HARDBINGER, QUINTESSENCE…
SHELLEY (Can) Heavy metal for satanists Demo tape. 80’s heavy metal
SOOTHSAYER (Que) Soothsayer Tape. Demo’86 + live 85. Thrash metal.
TABERAH (Australia) Rehearsal demo tape. Cool Heavy metal… Not modern but not retro, just cool.
VAULT (Malaysia) Raging force Demo tape. Old styled Thrash metal
VULCAN TYRANT (Hol)/ SHELLEY (Can) Demonifixation Split tape. Thrash metal

2 MINUTA DREKA (Ita)/ DOG FIGHT (Bra) Split tape. Grind
AGATHOCLES (Bel) Mincecore for passion, not for fashion Tape. Grind (Meatcore? lol)
BOWEL FETUS (Australia)/ FANTASMI DI SODOMA (Usa) Split tape. Goregrind
CARNAL SHROUD (Ger)/ TUMOUR (Hol) Split tape. Grind/ Grindgore
CAUSTIC CHRIST (Usa) Can’t relate Tape Lp. Crust/ HC. Ex-AUS ROTTEN
DEAD INFECTION (Pol) The lethal collection tape. Grindcore… Contains some Eps and putrid stuffs like that.
FECEVOMITATIE (Hol) Doodslage Demo tape. Goregrind. Members from LDOH, TUMOUR, URINEFESTIVAL
GRIDE (Cze)/ INGROWING (Cze) Split tape '96. Grind… I thought it would sell much faster, huh?
GURKHA (Uk) Gurkha Tape (Malaysian release). Crust HC
IMMURED (Ger) Languid obstinacy Demo tape’97. Deathgore/ goregrind… It was a cool demo like early Mucupurulent, Carcass...
INGROWING (Cze) Sunrape Tape. Grindcore
JÄZZUS (Bra) Discography Tape. Grind
Split tape. Grind/ crust/ noise
NUCLEAR DAWN (Usa)/ DISMÄL (Usa)/ WARHEL (Usa)/ VOMITROCITY (Usa) Split tape. Grindcore
NYCTOPHOBIC (Ger) Live tape. Merksplas 95. Grindcore… Not sooo rare but one of their best recordings (Most intense!)
ORGAN GRINDER (Fra) Les maitres de l’univers Demo tape. Grind/ punk
PROLETAR (Indonesia) Physical and mental torture Demo tape. Grindcore
TERRORAZOR (Ger) Apocalyptic vision Demo tape. Death grind (Frontbeast subproject)
TERRORAZOR (Ger) After the end Demo tape. Death grind (Frontbeast subproject)
TERRORAZOR (Ger) Idiot education Demo tape. Death grind (Frontbeast subproject)
WORLD DOWNFALL (Jap) Rehearsal jan. 2003. Tape. Grindcore… Last copy!

BLACK FOREST (Rus) Sadness Demo tape. Doom
DAPNOM (Fra) Makai Tape. Obscure ambiant
EMIT (Uk) A sword of death for the prince Demo tape. Ambiant noise black
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Uczulony Tape rerelease. Indus/ electronic/ metal/ noise
GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Obsessism XXIII Demo Tape. Indus/ electronic/ metal/ noise
MISANTHROPIC HALLUCINATIONS (Fra) Withered Demo tape. Keyboard ambiant. Project of void/ Debemur morti recs
N.D.E.K (Fra) N.D.E.K Demo tape. Harsh noise
NAPALMED (Cze) Live performance 2003. Tape. Special packaging. Noise indus
OUBLIETTE/ TORTURING NURSE Split tape. Harsh noise

AGONIZING TERROR (Por) Disharmony in god's creation Demo tape'95. Death metal /// 4 euros
CADAVER INCUBADOR (Peru) Te llego el olor de muerte Demo tape’96. Death metal/ Gore /// 3,5 euros
CHILDREN OF MAANI (Fra) Children of maani Demo tape’95 (Blut aus nord subproject). Black metal /// Make an offer
DECAY (Slo) The planet of animals Demo tape’95. Death metal /// 4 euros
DEIVOS (Pol) Praised by generation Demo tape’99. Death metal /// 5 euros
DIKTAT (Fra) Diktat demo tape’01. Brutal death/ grind /// 3,5 euros
EWOC (Uk) Rampage Demo tape’97. Death thrash /// 4 euros
EXEQUIES (Ger) Transient Demo tape’94. Death metal /// 5 euros
FERMENTING INNARDS (Ger) Drowned Demo tape’94. Death metal /// 5 euros
IGNIS FATUUS (Fra) The last church Demo tape’96. Death thrash /// 4 euros
ORTHODOX (Ita) Land of despair Demo tape’95. Death thrash /// 4 euros
PROFANITY (Ger) Into the unforseen Demo tape’95. Death metal /// 4,5 euros
PUTRID FLESH (Ita) Intox by human Demo tape.’99 Black/ death original /// 4 euros
UNCONCERN (Slo) Deep in subconscious Demo tape’97. Death metal /// 4 euros

VYNILS: LPs/ 33 Tours A 9 EUROS:
INFERNO (Nor) Downtown hades Lp. Old school thrash

HARMS WAY (Swe) Harms way MLP. Heavy/ stoner (Ex Terra firma)

VYNILS: EPs / 45 tours A 4,5 EUROS :
2 MINUTA DREKA (Ita)/ UMIGLIAZIONE (Ita) Split Ep. Grind
AGATHOCLES (Bel)/ LES BAUDOINS MORTS (Ger) Split Ep. Grind/ Acoustique
AGATHOCLES (Bel)/ JAN AG (Bel) Split Ep. Grind/ noise
ATAVISM (Gre)/ FLATULATION (Fra) Split Ep. Deathgore
COLD WORLD (?) Cold world Ep'93. Hardcore
CRUEL FACE (Bra)/ DUDMAN (Jap) Split ep. Grind
EMETH (Bel) Breathing the unclean Ep’99. Brutal death
EXTINCION CEREBRAL (Mexico) Logica hiperexitada Ep’91. Death thrash
FUCK THE FACTS (Can)./ KASTRAT (Ita) Split Ep. Grind
GARDEN OF SILENCE (Fra) Behold the cross/ A kingdom in ruins Ep’93. Doom Members of DROWNING, EIBON, ASTRAL RISING…
GOATLORD (Fra) Horns of resuccrection Ep. Black metal. Members of FORNICATION, VORACIOUS GANGRENE, MERRIMACK…
GROSSMEMBER (Pol) ... It's human nature Ep'02. Grind
KADAVERFICKER (Ger) Nekrokoretheater Ep. Nekrogore
KILLGASM (Usa) Black metal whore killer Ep. Black metal
LETHAL (Swe) Deliverance Ep’06. Thrash metal
MALIGNANCY (Usa) Ignorance is bliss Ep’01. Brutal death
MORDANCY (Hol) The progressive downfall Ep’93. Death metal
MOURMANSK (Fra) Thy word abideth Ep. Noise indus
NEMESIS AETERNA (Spa) ... And the trip begins Ep. Death black
PLAGUE BEARER (USA) Rise of the Goat Ep. Death metal. NUCLEAR WINTER Recs. DRAWN AND QUARTERED Side project.
PLAGUE RAGES (Bra)/ LD50 (Hol) Split Ep. Grind
RABBATH AMMON (Jordan) Ammonites’ knights’ nights Ep’06. Thrash black. LEGIONS OF DEATH Recs.
SOLDABLEURKTHAL (Fra)/ CEREBRAL NECROSE (Fra) Split Ep Death grind/ Brutal death
UMIGLIAZIONE (Ita) La promenade de l’intolérance Ep. Grind

IN THE ZINE OF EVIL (Uk) #1 : Rager, Gama bomb + reviews… 100% Thrash metal zine… 8 pages. A5. In english. 2007.

STEELFACES (Argentina) #16 : Hanaken, Nunslaughter, Zona negra, Eidyllion + reviews, live reports… 16 pages. A4. In spanish. 2007

LEPROSY (Por) #1 : Lobotomized, Pussy vibes, Namek, Sanguinary, Petter baiestorf… reviews, articles. 36 pages. A5. In english. 2007

FUNERAL VOMIT (Hun) #1 : Tymah, Altar of perversion, Seeds of hate, Age of agony, Karpatia prods, Thy funeral… + reviews, articles. 40 pages. A4. In english. 2007

METAL TITANS (Fra) #1 : Bloodlust, Ripper, Exciter, Halloween Emerald, Damien, Kat, Mortal sin, Darkness… 24 pages. A4. In english. 2007

NO BULLSHIT (Saudi arabia) #7 : Bloody sign, Black winter, Extrovert, Farasu, Watch me burn, Ron sacueza… + reviews, articles… 20 pages. A4. In english. 2007

NO BULLSHIT (Saudi arabia) #8 : Kratornas, Deathless anguish, Severe dementia, Nihilistic holocaust, Beltane, Inside artzine, Dead jesus, Distorted, Georgian skull, Wasted land, Grieving age… + reviews, articles and a CD compilation. 28 pages. A4. In english. 2007

NOISE ATTACK (Philippines) #1 : Symphonic blast, Onanizer, Nihilistic holocaust, Inner surge, Rotten cold, Dick stink + reviews, articles… 36 pages. A5. In english. 2006.

OCCULT BLEEDING (Srpska) #3 : Arsebreed, Dead congregation, Deadborn, Ophiolatry, Retribution, Fleshripper, Jasad,
Defilement, Daggerspawn, Datura, Cuntmaggots… + reviews… 40 pages. A4. In english. 2007.

PRAYER BOOK (Ita) #3 : Nocturnal vomit, Funerus, Varathron, Driller killer, Weapon, Abysmal grief, Deceased, Minotauri, Kratornas, Scurvy, Pagan rites, Destructator, Xibalba… + Poster, reviews… 40 pages. A4. In english. 2007

PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT (Fra) #3 : Ignivomous, Forbidden cult, Afterlife prods, Banisher, Charnier, Pestifer, Deathevocation, Diskord, Enthrallment Ydin… + reviews, articles… 52 pages. A4. In english. 2007.

PUTREFACTIVE EFFECT (Fra) #2 : Nerlich, Necrodeath, Mortal decay, Flesh, Hell spirit, Disgust, Abantesma, Hysteria, Valuatir, Harkonin, Eulogy, Suffering silence, Underneath, Withdrawn, No hand path, Necrotic flesh… 50 pages. A4. English and french. 2006.

SHRUNKEN & MUMMIFIED (Hun) #9 : Eternal bleeding, Murk exorbitance, Obscene gesture, Diskord, Stygian shadows, Kill your faith, Elerion miroky, Underdark, Moonfog, Deathevocation, Marble bog, Frostmoon eclipse, Iron batasuna… + French scene report, reviews, articles… 40 pages. A4. In english. 2007.

THRASH ASSAULT (Swe) #2 : Viking, Hyades, Sacred reich, Machinery, Mezzrow, Meliah Rage… + reviews, live report… 36 pages. A4. In english. 2007

DEATH EXECUTION (Swe) #1 : Hellwitch, Impure, Orcustus, Anal vomit, Repugnant, Sarcofagus, Demonomancy, Svartsyn, Sigh, Necrovation, Darkthrone, Mortuary drape, Nifelheim, Old, Katedra… 94 pages. A54. In english. 2006.

FOEDUS AETERNUS (Fra) #11 : Ingurgitating oblivion, Swedish Death metal book, Insidious poisoning records, Honey for christ, Transgressor/ Anatomia, Korum, Gorod, Old, Alien deviant circus, Centrifuge, Myrkgrav, Wild karnivor, Karbonized traitor, Tara creations, Black candle, Oniric records, Anaal Nathrakh, Anatomia, Old, Inkisitor, Flametal, The carburetors... 64 pages. A4. In french. 2007.

NO BULLSHIT (Philippines) #6 : Creative waste, Ex nihilo, Phlegm thrower, Decrusted, Lincoln love log, Coup de grace, Down from the wound, Gayang kulintangan revolt… + reviews, articles… 42 pages. A4. In english. 2006.

S.O.D (Usa) #20 : Lividity, Corpselust, Bloodbath, Inri, Drowning, Deranged, Cattle decapitation, Myrkskog, Nile, Soulless, Internal suffering, Internecine, Thorium, Incantation… 82 pages. A4. In english. 2003.

SONIC SPLENDOUR #4 (Turkey) Entombed, Mike patton, Behemoth, Avulsed, Leng tch’e, Machetazo, Disfear, Isor, Ingvar Ambjornsen, Wayd, Cripple bastards, Demimonde, Nikmat olalim, Mucupurulent, Cenotaph, Koepi squat, Fish films… + reviews…
96 pages. A4. In english. 2005.

AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM (Usa) #7: Reviews, articles... 30 pages. A4. In english. 2002. 2,50 euros

AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM (Usa) #11: Blood red throne, Callenish circle, Chris caffery, Darkseed, Down low, Emok, Godless truth, Jen's metal page, Level six, Of infinity, Solarfall radio... 42 pages. A4. In english. 2005. 3 euros

AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM (Usa) #12: Berserk, Bold, Echo us, Excallion, Ghost orgy, In memorium, Lycanthia, Scott Mosher, New society or anarchists, Vulgaras...
42 pages. A4. In english. 2005. 3 euros

BLEAK (Spa) #7 : Abominator, Kill, Impuren Forestdome, Primigenium, Act of gods, Omendark, Fermento… 48 pages. A5. In spanish. 2003. 3 euros

BRINGER OF GORE (Bel) #1 : Lymphatic phlegm, General surgery, Putrid pile, Fondle corpse… + reviews… 28 pages. A4. In english. 2004. 1,50 euros

CHAOTIC CRITIQUES (Usa) #9 : Brutal truth, Soil & eclipse, Possession, You shriek, Sister machine gun… 30 pages. A4. In english. 1998. 2 euros

DISDAIN OF MIND (Usa) #3 : Random rants, Monstrawtikus Frankenstinikuss + reviews, articles… 30 pages. A4. In english. 2002. 1,50 euros

FATAL UNDERGROUND (Ger) #13: Darkside, Varon, Damnable, Corpse fucking art, Mindbreak, Sunset sphere, Reprobation, Diluvium, Projekt, Forensick, Obscure oath, Ensalvement of beautyn, and many more... 100 pages. A5. In german. 2001. 3,50 euros

FATAL UNDERGROUND (Ger) #14: Wormed, Ghoul, Regorge, Mandylion, Disavowed, Aslan faction, Shwarzdon prods, Visceral bleeding, and many others... 100 pages. A5. In german. 2002. 3,50 euros

FRIEDHOF (Spa) #3: Limbonic art, Saevus, Velocidad absurda, Immolation, Incantation, Grave desecrator, Fermento, Tidfall, Poema arcanus, Eczema... 40 pages. A4. In spanish. 2003. 3 euros

G.U.C (Ger) #11 : Endart, Violation, Wasteland, Cerebrocide, Tratthoggua, Zyklon x, Monolith, Spinebender, Malicious, Polymorph, Groinchurn… 100 pages. A5. In german. 1998. 3 euros

G.U.C (Ger) #19 : Refractory, Sacrificium, Persecution, Seventh avenue, My cold embrace, Divine noise attack, Anal terror of the mega cocks… 144 pages. A5. In german. 2002. 3 euros

IMMORTAL SOULS (Slo) #26: Angel corpse, Typhoid, Deathkids, Vuvr, Morbis, Body grinder, The marble icon, Headfucker, Beyond fear, Sounds of death, Fleshfeast... 36 pages. A5. In slovakian. 1998. 3 euros

L'ANTRE DES DAMNES (Fra) #1: Epheles, Reverence, Vingdar, Animus herilis, Searing skull, Belenos, Osirion... 40 pages. A4. In french. 2004. 3 euros

L'ANTRE DES DAMNES (Fra) #2: Dark opus, Eternal majesty, Straasha, Despond, Malleus maleficarum, Lord, Aryos, Ancetres...40 pages. A4. In french. 2004. 3 euros

L'ANTRE DES DAMNES (Fra) #4: Balck dementia, Fjällstorm, Merrimack, Aes dana, Christicide, Haemoth, Evohé, Otargos, Alcest... 40 pages. A4. In French. 2005. 3 euros

LE SIECLE PLEURE (Fra) #5 : Fjällstorm, Crack ov dawn, Luc incerta, Equilibrium, Fin de siècle, Garwall, Emilie blanc, Epheles… 56 pages. A4. In french. 2005. 3 euros

LEGATO (Fra) #1: Headline + chroniqies et tablatures... 24 pages. A4. En français. 2 euros

MINACIA (Fra) #7 : Sup, Taliandörögd, Broken edge, Korum, Kronos, Moonshine mist, Manorblatz, Cadavera, Celtic blood, Alkemyst, Crushing blow, Indrazor, Falkirk… 32 pages. A4. In french. 2002. 2,50 euros

MINACIA (Fra) #9 : Carnal lust, Necroblaspheme, Krarath, Repudiate, La mort sure, Destructive records, Outcast, Burgul Torkhaïn, Dark sanctuary, Etherdawn, Toxitoys, Dylath leen, Eths, Breakpoint… 36 pages. A4. In french. 2003. 2,50 euros

NO NOISE NO GOOD (Fra) #4: And oceans, Aendria, Diktat, Hamadryade, Blacklight asso, Hemdale, Aborted, Fleshgrind... 34 pages. A4. In french. 2000. 3,5 euros

NO NOISE NO GOOD (Fra) #7: Akin, Lunatic gods, Aes dana, Orakle, Myrkvid, Bane of existence, Ultra vomit... 42 pages. A4. In french. 2001. 3 euros

NO NOISE NO GOOD (Fra) #8: Alienation mentale, Gerbe of life, Unholy matrimony, Spiritual dissection, Reinfection, Anal whore, Mesrine, Demoniciduth... 36 pages. A4. In french. 2002. 3,5 euros

O3 (Fra) #1 : Abstract, Carnival in coal, Ennoïa, Gholes, Nebiros, Breakpoint, Cuna, Garden of shadows, Kemet, Visionoir… 48 pages. A5. In french. 1999. 2,50 euros

O3 (Fra) #7 : Chrysalis, Cybele, Devin townsend, Dew scented, Diaclase, Division alpha, Gojira, Gurkkhas, Kristendom, Mondprojekt, Nehemah, No face, No return, Scarve, Seth, Third eyed machine… 76 pages. A5. In french. 2002. 3,00 euros

PERVERSE GOSPEL (Fin) #2 : Gehennah, Iron fist, Malicious death, Flame, Evil angel, Wounds, Incriminated, Jumalation, Malicious death… 40 pages. A4. In english. 2003. 3 euros

THE TRUE TRENKILL (Hol) #2: fondlecorpse; Agathocles, Kadaverficker, Intumescence, Cockroach... 24 pages. A4. In english. 2003. 3 euros

TURBOSPERMINATOR (Pol) #2 : Obscenity, Azarath, Severe torture, Macabre, Broken hope, Malediction, Hate plow, Spineless, Disgorge, Epitome, Grossmember, Braquemard, Agathocles, Mastectomia, Dark legion, Scurvy, Machetazo, Malevolent creation Dark lion recs… 60 pages. A4. In polish. 2003. 3 euros.

UNDERGROUND INVESTIGATION (Fra) #51 : Dreaggan, Kob, Unlimited zone, Tridus elasticus, Positiv hate, Immortal rites, Amon amarth, Les skatophiles, Junkyard birds, Atomizer, Saeko, Kronos, Death by design, Kinetic, Taine… 68 pages. A4. In french. 2004. 3 euros

VICOMTE DE NEURASTHENIE (Fra) #4: Terror projekt, Otargos, Fogzard, Devilish era, Duke, Hacride... 28 pages. A4. In french. 2003. 2,5 euros

VICOMTE DE NEURASTHENIE (Fra) #8: Osirion, Downright malice, Warkult prod, Nyarlathotep, Inhumate, Sacrarium, Melwosia, Obdurated, Bestial devastation... 32 pages. A4. In french. 2006. 2,5 euros

WALKED IN LINE (Fra) #20 : Avenged sevenfold, Betty butter biscuit, Course of action, Ezekiel, Free yourself, Glasseater, Isp, Janez detd, Kill all wrench, Tazzi, Madskat, Major crime league, My own, Nbp, The oliver twist, The peep shows, Post silly poulps, Rhythm collision, Samiam, Travis cut, Yage, Waawe, Waterdown… 58 pages. A4. In french. 2002. 3,00 euros

DIM MAK (Usa) Intercepting fist CD’02. Death grind… 6,5 euros
HÜSKER DÜ – Warehouse – Songs and stories CD. Punk/ rock… 7 euros
KRISIUN (Bra) Works of carnage CD. Death metal… 7,5 euros
MESMERIZE (Fra) Lysergsäurediäthylamid CD. Dark metal… 6 euros
SPERMBIRDS (Ger) Family values CD’96. Crossover… 6,5 euros
TENEBRE (Swe) Mark ov the beast CD. Heavy metal… 5 euros
« Great phone calls » CD. (IPECAC) 22 phone jokes by Mike Patton & friends… 7 euros

BLACK MOLD PHALLANX (Usa) Sculptedfromflies Demo CDr. Electrogore /// 2,50 euros
« Creation beyond infinity » Split tape. Ambiant. /// 2,50 euros
CHERNOBYL (Swe) Cremated remnants Demo CDr. Death grind underground /// 2,50 euros
DICKLESS TRACY (Cze) Grind or be grinded Demo tape. Grind /// 3 euros
LOVE LETTERS (Usa) Gray skies Demo CDr. Harsh noise /// 2,50 euros
NEKRONOIZ (Fra) 666 Demo CDr. Obscure ambiant indus /// 2,50 euros
POSTHUMAN TANTRA (Bra) Pissing nanorobots Demo CDr. Ambiant experimental indus /// 2,50 euros
POSTHUMAN TANTRA (Bra) Legion from kelemath Demo CDr. Ambiant experimental indus /// 2,50 euros
POSTHUMAN WORM (Bra) Sex bot mantra Demo CDr. DVD Box. Electro indus/ noise /// 2,50 euros
REALICIDE (Usa)/ PIASA (Usa) Split tape. Noise /// 3 euros
SILCHARDE (Fra) I love… Demo CDr’05. Obscure ambiant /// 2,50 euros
SILCHARDE (Fra) Les tourment de la charogne Demo CDr’06. Obscure ambiant /// 2,50 euros
SUDANSTRAIN(Rus)/ TCHERNOBLYAD(Rus)/ INDRA(Rus) Split tape. Harsh noise. /// 3 euros
TAKASHI OHKAWA (Hol)/ EQUILIBRIUM (Fra) Split tape. Noise industrial /// 2,50 euros
TALES OF DARKNORD (Russie) Endless sunfall Tape Lp'97. Death metal/ Brutal death /// 2 euros
WAR SWALLOWED (Russie) Fantasy flight Tape Lp'02. Technical brutal death /// 3 euros
VA – Music for treacherous times Comp CDr (Stoner/ sludge, noise, extreme metal…) : King shit, Cough, Truth key, Swords, The black spoon brigade, Bastet, Ox, Acheronian, Pat paul, Durga temple, Nuss, Vog, Sere, Hoarse pill, The seventh gate, Fasapa, Of scratch, Damian languell, Failure to comply… /// 2,50 euros

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Androjungleous Demo CDr. Industrial/ Extreme metal
SAKATAT (Turkey) Saldimark uzereyiz Demo CDr. Grindcore. Very short demo!
VA – Wake up the reaper #3. Comp CDr w/ Malmort, Baphomet’s throne, Desideria, Thy apokalypse, Nirnaeth, Glaukom synod, Victoire paienne, Devilmind, Electronically lost, Noktiis eterna.

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