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03/02/2008 :
DAILY LIFE SUCKS (Hun) The last six minutes of your life Demo CDr. Grind
EXQUISITE PUS (Spa)/ CARRIONED (spa)/ CONFINED (Spa) split CD. Brutal death
DONYS MOKUALG/ SUBSTITUTION PRODUCT/ KATAPLASM Split CDr. Cyber death noisecore/ Harsh noise/ Cut up noisecore
LASTIMA (Bra) En renego sua cruz Demo CDr. Black/ Death
MOULDED FLESH (Pol) In the hands of evil CD. Death metal/ Brutal death

Zine : FUNERAL VOMIT (Hun) #1 : Tymah, Altar of perversion, Seeds of hate, Age of agony, Karpatia prods, Thy funeral… + reviews, articles. 40 pages. A4. In english. 2007

Zine : LEPROSY (Por) #1 : Lobotomized, Pussy vibes, Namek, Sanguinary, Petter baiestorf… reviews, articles. 36 pages. A5. In english. 2007

27/01/2008 :
AIN SOF AUR (Bra) Demo CDr. Brutal black metal
BLOODY SIGN (Fra) Vana vigala loits CD. Death metal
CARL KRUEGER (Usa) Longplayer Demo CDr. Experimental electronica
CHRONIC INFECT (Bra) Fester feast Demo CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
CIRCUS SATANAE (Bra) Demo CDr. Grind noise
DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Reh. Desecration 2005-2007 Demo tape. Death thrash old styled.
DEFORMITY (Bra) There’s more blood coming Demo CDr. Death grind
HORROR MIND (Bra) Horror mind Demo tape. Death grind
LACERATED AND CARBONIZED (Bra) Chainsaw deflesher CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
MESOCRANIO (Bra) A saga paga Demo CDr. Death metal/ Technical
MITCH BUCHANNON (Fra)/ ROGER MOORE (Fra) Split tape. Grind

19/01/2008 :
ALIOTH (Usa) chanelling unclean spirits Demo tape. Death metal atmospheric
AMOK (Nor)/ AUDIOPAIN (Nor) Split tape. Death metal/ Thrash metal
ATOMICIDE (Chile) Crushing son of a bitch Demo tape. Black death
BEYOND THE RAGE (Ita) Path to annihilation Demo CDr. Death thrash
BRAINWASH (Spa)/ DEEP VEIN (Fra)/ SADOK (Spa)/ THIRD WORLD MOURNING (Spa) Split CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
CHAINSAW DISSECTION (Usa) The devils carnage CD. Brutal death à la MORTICIAN
CONJURATION (Fin) Demo 1 tape. Heavy/ Doom
COPROSTASIS (Bul) 35 minutes of skull smash terror metal Demo CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
CUPOLA (Bul) Mistaken by design Demo CDr. Progressive Death black
CYBER_CHRIST (Rus) Virtual_mastrubation Demo CDr. Ambiant experimental
EGO DEATH (Spa)/ NAPALMED (Cze) Split CDr. Indus noise
EMBALMED SOULS (Bra) Become vengeance, become wrath Demo tape. Death metal
GOAT BLEEDER (Usa) Legions of perdition CD. Death metal/ Grind
HUTT (Bra)/ NOISEAR (Cze)/ GATE (Jap) Split CD. Grind
KPACHbIN APAKOH (rus) Moderator Demo CDr. Trip hop/ ambiant/ experimental
LEGACY (Col) Ready for the combat Demo tape. Thrash speed
REPUGNANT (Swe) Epitome of darkness CD. Death metal *** 9,5 euros ***
SACRIFICER (Chile) Live fucking shit ! Metal attack fuck the rest !!! Demo tape. Thrash metal
SICNOISE ( ?) No longer human Demo CDr. Electro/ Indus/ Experimental
VISCERAL DISSECTION (Fra) From inside Demo CDr. Brutal death
ZONA NEGRA (Arg) Pos tu misma patria CD. Death thrash with power touches.

13/01/2008 :
2 MINUTA DREKA (Ita)/ DOG FIGHT (Bra) Split tape. Grind
BLACK FOREST (Rus) Sadness Demo tape. Doom
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Barbaric onslaught Demo #1 tape. Old school thrash
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Savage poser hunt Demo #2 tape. Old school thrash
DEATHHAMMER (Nor) Wrath of the antichrist Demo #3. Tape. Old school thrash
FLACTOROPHIA (Ecuador) Redemption of the flesh Demo CDr. Brutal death/ Gore
KARNARIUM (Swe) Tänk pa döden CD. Death metal
LOSNA (Bra) Wild hallucinations CD. Death thrash

Zine : IMPACT DRILL (Turkey) #3 : Blood, Dead infection, Silent Kingdom, I shit on your face, Nettlethrone, Carnavage,
Decimation, Lie in ruins + reviews, scene reports…

Zine : STEELFACES (Argentina) #16 : Hanaken, Nunslaughter, Zona negra, Eidyllion + reviews, live reports…

06/01/2008 :
ABUSO VERBAL (Bra) Seu castigo … Ao vivo ! Demo CDr’05. Death grind
BREAKNECK (Bra) Breakneck Demo CDr. Thrash metal
CHAOS SYNOPSIS (Bra) Garden of forgotten shadows Demo CDr. Death thrash
DROWNED IN BLOOD (Mex) The warfare continues CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
GRADUS PENTALPHAE (Bra)/ SOULLESS (Pol) Split CDr. Black metal/ Death metal
GRAVELESS (Bra) Demo CDr. Death metal
INCINERADOR (Bra) Exterminando os ciclos da hipocrisia Demo CDr. Death metal
NOCTURNO CULTO (Bra) A noite de sata.. Demo CDr. Black metal
NOTHINGNESS (Mex) Among the nebula CD. Death metal
SANATORIO (Bra)/ BLOOD VOMIT (Bra) Split CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death
SEPTICEM (Mex) Dread to dominium Demo CDr. Death metal
SEVERANCE (Usa) Suffering in humanity CD. Death metal/ Brutal death
SOULLESS (Pol) Peri psyches Demo CDr. (Brazilian rerelease). Death metal

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